It’s an exciting day for us here at Adeela!

One of our ardent goals is to provide a wide platform for Sudanese youths to showcase their talents and views, and to provide them with a space to express themselves, advocate for human rights, social justice, and bring forth a generation of transformative leaders that will generate authentic change in Sudan. This project also hopes to show a different side of Sudan and a glimpse into the lives of people whose stories have yet to be told. We are opening calls for new artists and writers to join us as we continue to delve deeper and further into the buried cultures and unwritten tales of this whacky, beautiful, work-in-progress of a nation. The Adeela comic takes you through the inner workings of a broken nation, divided by wars, prejudices, and greed. It tells the story of a young girl’s journey in discovering the magic within her and her country, and her efforts to create a place for herself within it.

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